Absolute Zero

What is Absolute Zero?

Absolute Zero is a science fiction setting I am poking at. Right now I'm calling it Absolute Zero based on the name of a shadowy independant spaceport that most people consider rumor and "urban" legend. Absolute Zero the station is where this whole thing started so it seems appropriate.

I've had the idea for some time now, but I haven't made the attempt to flesh it out (not flush, that's a whole different thing) prior to this. I'll be starting with in-universe Story Seeds because that's how my brain works on these things but eventually I'm hoping to write this up as a "proper" setting. Like most of what I post on my blog this is pretty much at whim but we'll see where it goes. It's hard to say more than that at the moment because I'm still putting the pieces together and occasionally adding things or pruning others, but my intent is a hard-ish sci-fi.

Story Seeds

Last Updated 29-May-2017