Monday, December 12, 2016

Story Seed - Lost Kingdom

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"Ten thousand years. That's what the legends say. This city was lost ten thousand years ago shortly after the gods came to power and favored humans over the sleen."

"That's ridiculous, the gods didn't favor humans over the sleen, or the taran for that matter."

Haaldr scoffed, "They didn't before the Fall, but ten thousand years ago maybe they did. Maybe the sleen didn't worship the gods at first and so they were on the skat list."

"Maybe," Uttol said skeptically, "but this place doesn't look like the forest had been growing over it for even a hundred years."

Haaldr nodded, "It is strange." The slender man knelt down and inspected a serpent statue. "Perhaps because it was never fully abandoned."

"I think that's probably right. Haaldr, umm, we appear to have ..."

"Yes? What?" Haaldr replied. "What is it Uttol?" he asked again, vexed. Finally he turned from the statue and drew a sharp breath, Uttol was being held at spear point by half a dozen savage appearing sleen. Their scales were decorated brightly with smears of pigment, and their lithe bodies were clothed in leathers and woven reeds. "Oh my," Haaldr managed before a trio or spears were brought to bear on him. "Well, it would seem my theories were right after all."

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