Friday, October 24, 2014

Story Seed - The Arc

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I had been following it for months.

Nearly fifteen feet of curved stronglass that stretched on forever it seemed.  The facility where it had started was a ruin, ravaged by the Iron Wind in some prior time, and worn and weathered down to a decaying and crumbling horror.

But the Arc was nearly untouched. Lines of some kind of energy conveying material embedded in its length gave of a weak glow, only barely visible during the day, but at night the Arc was like a glowing beam that lit the way to some long forgotten yesterday.

The hexagonal power distributors spaced evenly every fifty feet made me wonder what the purpose of the Arc had once been.  Those structures repelled all matter, but only the structures, I could touch the stronglass of the Arc immediately next to those things. I could not fathom the purpose, but I supposed that what lay at the other end of the Arc's long length might tell me.

For nearly a full year my journey has taken me far beyond the Beyond. I have seen cities woven from webs. I have fought creatures of living diamond. I have waded through purple sleep grass, and flown over a sea of acid. At last I stand near the end of my journey.

The Arc's terminus.

A towering structure of graceful curves, as though the Arc itself wound round the towers at the center to form a sinuous wall.  I have not seen another intelligent being in days, possibly weeks, and around this lone structure, standing at the shore of some undiscovered ocean, I see only birds, circling the tall towers where they appear to roost.

My heart is light as I once more put one foot before the other, with my goal now in sight I hope to soon learn the mystery of the Arc.

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