Friday, October 17, 2014

Story Seed - The Needle

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"Walk this road to the long end.  Walk until the world you know is so far behind you that it may as well not exist.  Until the Clock has faded from the horizon. Until the people no long know the Truth. Walk until you find the end of this path.  There you will find it. The Needle.

"It rises from rock, thin as a finger, and disappears into the sky beyond any height that can be climbed or flown by man or beast. It gleams like metal, but no metal known of this world or the past could rise to those heights without bending. None know its purpose, its function, or what happens to those who touch it."

The other pilgrim shook his head, exasperated, "Unless nothing happens then somebody must know!"

"True. True, but those who touch it vanish, and none have been seen after. So perhaps it is wiser to say that none know what happens to those that the Needle disappears." The robot twitched, its synth skin creaking, the clicking of internal mechanisms began frantic for a moment before settling into the familiar rhythm that appeared to be normal.  "So far as I know only I have touched it and remained.  Whether I proved unworthy, or my non-biological nature rendered me exempt from the Needle's touch I do not know."

"And so now what? You walk the Walk endlessly?"

"Yes. I walk to warn pilgrims like you that there is no enlightenment at the end of Wandering Walk.  There is only the Needle and the annihilation that provides. The value of the Walk itself is dubious, but there is no reward at the end but death."

"You can't know that. You don't know because it did not take you. The Needle must simply be yet another test of devotion along the Walk.  A key step forward toward enlightenment." The other pilgrim grew agitated finally rising from his seat, "Perhaps the Needle did not take you because you are not a true believer!"


Summary - What lies at the end of the Wandering Walk? Some say a metal needle rises into the heavens and takes all pilgrims who touch it.  Where it takes them is unknown, and none have returned to tell of it.  What of the mechanical man who claims to have touched it and remained?  What price are faith and devotion?


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