Friday, January 2, 2015

Story Seed - It's not as safe as it looks

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"What the hell? It looks like it's going to explode or something."

"Don't be a drama queen. Haven't you seen a temporal instability before?" Travis asked, checking his gear one last time.

Saul shook his head, "No, and that one looks dangerous."

"Bah, its a rift in time itself, did you expect it to look like a hallway of pillows and cotton candy? Don't worry, it's not as safe as it looks, so we need to act quick." Travis said it so quickly, so calmly, that Sail didn't even register. He just nodded and shouldered his own pack. "I'm like 99% certain this goes back in time, in which case we use future knowledge to make ton of cash and live on easy street. If it goes to the future, well our investments will have plenty of time to accrue while they wait for us to catch up. Either way, we're golden!"

"S-sounds good" Saul said looking at the instability again. "What about meeting our past selves and creating a paradox? Or changing history?"

"Don't worry about it. We're here now so clearly history hasn't changed, right?" Travis made it sound so simple, and once more Saul nodded.  "Ready? OK let's go. You first. Remember, focus on the past, ten years ago."

Saul charged ahead with Travis shortly behind him.  As soon as he hit the instability he exploded, his personal timeline torn into a a trillion trillion threads of chance and choice. At the center the a ring began to form as the threads curled around a stable point. Travis could see through to the past, about ten years ago. He stepped through, it was time to go home.

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