Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Story Seed - Lamentation

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The lights in the sky died generations ago, snuffed out one by one by capricious gods, or malevolent demons, or by their own failing, we do not know. The sun soon suffered its own dying, growing weaker by days and weeks until finally it vanished in the darkness, leaving us alone. The world grew cold then, and men went mad with fear.

At first we had power to push back the night, but that couldn't last. The world began to darken, and in the darkness people changed, lost their way, and became savage. Wars were fought with weapons terrible in scope, and terrible in use. The world fell further and faster spiralling into chaos and darkness. That is when Lamentation first lit the world.

The last light in the dark; that's what people call it. The great arcology of Lamentation stands like a beacon on this dying world. We illuminated it to drive off our enemies, to signal our allies, and to draw in those last remnants of civilization that lay beyond the cold wastes. Within the fortress lay our last strength, the vast power of of the darkstar chamber. It would fail eventually, as all such things would, but there was hope of finding a new home before then.

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