Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Story Seed - The Trees Have Eyes

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"So what was inside?"

"What was inside? What was inside? How the hell do I know? I took one look at those trees and bolted!" Hirr was practically twitching, and his clothing was soaked with sweat.

"Come on, they're just trees," Ziq replied. He was starting to wonder if his partner was dropping lomak root extract again. The paranoia, the sweats, the twitchy behavior, it all fit. "Hirr, are you on the lomak again?"

"No man, no way, I promise this stuff was real, they had giant eyes, and and they were watching me! I didn't want to find out what else they could do!"

Ziq wasn't remotely convinced. Hirr was an addict and lomak was some of the worst of the worst when it came to trying to quit. "Are you telling me that I should believe that they have trees with eyes in there, when its far more believable that you've been taking lomak again?"

"Yes damnit! I ain't had lomak in weeks, ever since my source got all turned inside out by that Iron Wind. I'm clean as an aneen, go look for yourself. I ain't going near that place. I don't care how much tech they say the Convergence has, it aint worth it if they can grow plants with eyes to watch their compound." Hirr wiped the sweat from his face with a greasy hand, leaving streaks in the filth on his skin. "To Vralk with this, I'm outta here!"

Ziq watched with no small amount of astonishment as Hirr got up and ran off. It wasn't like the kid to have a spine, let alone to stand up for himself like that. He made such a great partner and patsy that way. "Still ..." the call of ill gotten gains made Ziq head toward the walled compound, "Can't possibly have trees with eyes ..."

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