Thursday, August 6, 2015

CypherCaster Magazine Issue 2 - Out Now!

The second issue of the best fan magazine devoted to the Cypher System is out now. There's a bunch of awesome in here including an excerpt from the first Numenera novel, more Holstenwall for The Strange, the first part of a serialized fiction for Numenera, and more; 52 pages for just $4. If you like the Cypher System games there is almost certainly something in there for you. And if you do buy it and like it please let us know. Post a review on DriveThruRPG or your blog or whatever, tell your friends, and get the word out. The better the magazine does the and the more feedback we get the better we can make future issues.

Also, if you still haven't looked at Issue #1 now is the time! Our inaugural issue is now half off on DriveThruRPG; 44 pages of material for Cypher System for only $2!

Note: As a contributor to the CypherCaster I have a vested interest in its success. That said, it's still awesome.

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