Friday, August 21, 2015

Story Seed - Activation

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"Power readings?" the man with the cane asked.

"Stable sir. Mains output is holding steady at three point six terawatts," one of the many technicians replied.

"Excellent. Containment?"

"Magnetic field drivers are spun up. Reading one million revs and one thousand tesla field strength," came the answer from another technician.

"Higgs projectors?"

"Online and ready."

"Tachyon laser?"

"Standing by."

The man with the cane nodded and limped forward to the large view window. The test chamber was vast; large on a scale that echoed the potential for this experiment to go horrifically awry. "Ladies and gentlemen, we stand now on the cusp of history. If this experiment succeeds then we will have saved our entire race from extinction.

"If it fails," he added, hesitating, "we stand a very good chance of being obliterated by the forces we seek to harness." There was a moment of grim silence. "You all know that this is an absolute outcome, no matter which way this goes. You are the best, the brightest, the most capable that could be brought together with the hope of escaping the entropic death of this universe." The man gestured out past the window at the massive apparatus. "Your efforts thus far have led to that device, and in that device, the device of our greatest minds and efforts, if that device works humanity will continue."

He looked around the room, at the other control centers displayed on holo-monitors, and then at the holo projected by his personal linq. "I believe that we will succeed. I believe in you all." The was so applause; no cheering. This was not a festive occasion yet.

With a resigned sigh he began the test. "Full power to higgs projectors one through four..."

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