Monday, September 14, 2015

Story Seed - Plan A

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The crack-boom of gunfire continued outside, sending bullets whizzing through the thin wood walls. Larry sid sideways a bit and cocked his head to take an oblique angle on the window and peer out. "Ol' Silas has the Truk brothers with him," he said to Keller. "They look mighty irate."

Keller grunted in pain as he pressed his hand into his gunshot thigh. "You don't say?" he quipped back, "Think maybe they figured out we done sold Silas a run out mine?"

"You sons a bitches won't get away with cheatin' me!" a voice roared from outside.

The two men looked at each other. "Yup!" Larry grinned before calling out, "We sold you that mine fair an square. Don't get all sore 'cause you didn't check the vein out aforehand." Gunfire erupted as a response from the men outside. "Seems like maybe ol' Silas don't ascribe to them fancy latin words o' yours."

"Caveat emptor," Keller grunted. "The marshall can't let this go on can he?"

"Yeah, those were them, an' no I don't reckon he can, but that could go either way for us, what with the state of affairs 'tween you and the judge's wife."

"Oh hell, that ain't fair. She hates that old goat, and even he knows it. What's the value in getting all worked up over a little tryst."

Larry rolled his eyes, "'Cause you made a cuckold out o' him an' half the town knows it. Man's got himself a lotta pride Keller, and you done wounded it."

Keller thought about it, "Yeah ..." he reluctantly agreed. "So what's the plan then?"

"Well, Silas shot first, maybe we can gun 'im down before the law steps in?"

"I thought we were already trying that," Keller said hauling himself into a kneeling position on his good leg.

"Yeah, well, unless you got a better idea ... yeah, didn't think so." Larry smashed out the window next to him and started shooting.

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