Friday, September 25, 2015

Story Seed - Roadside Service

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"Yup! Starboard side  intake is gunked up." Hank stood up, wincing as his aching back protested. "Told you to avoid that dust storm."

"Yeah, yeah. Can we fix it? I don't want to have to call in for a fix." Luna's voice from within the craft was muffled and echoey. "What if we reverse the ionization funnel?"

"Might work. So long as we can keep the other end open." Hank slid down the craft's hull and landed in the dirt, "Go ahead and kick it over when you're ready!" he called out as he started to examine the hull damage. "Oh man, dad's going to be pissed."

The engines coughed into life vomiting a mass of sand from the intakes before running clean. Shortly Luna came out and looked down from the top hatch, "See, no problem! Ooohhh ..." Her grin faded quickly on seeing the formerly graceful ship's current crumpled state. "Uh oh."


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