Monday, October 19, 2015

Story Seed - Last of Her Line

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"I'm afraid there's nothing I can do. The sickness, infection, whatever you call it; it is progressing ever faster."

"There is nothing? Anything, we are a wealthy country, no price is too high!"

"I have already tried all my tricks, my medicines, and my artifacts of power. The corruption is has shown no heed to any of them. Whatever has caused this I can neither say nor lift. I am shamed to admit it lies beyond my knowledge."

The Chancellor's face fell, "Then we are truly lost. Without the princess the bloodline will end and the country can only die."

"That seems a bit apocalyptic doesn't it Chancellor? Surely-"

"No, you misunderstand, the country survives only by the will of the royal blood. Our borders repel invasion through great relics of old, but only those of the blood can maintain the relics."

"Let's me see these relics then; perhaps I cannot save your princess, but mayhap I can save your country..."

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