Monday, November 2, 2015

Story Seed - Sunken Treasure

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The weight plopped into the water and disappeared, dragging the thin line behind it. "Fifty feet ... sixty ..." Carl read off as the boat rocked and the line un-spooled. He looked over at Kristin, pulling on a skin-tight fish-suit and re-breather. "One thirty ... one fifty ..." the line continued to run out and into the water.

"Should be close then. How do I look?" Kristin asked. Everything was in place but the portion fit to her mouth and nose. She looked like something out of some mariners tall tale; the rubbery scaled suit fitted to her like a second skin, and the webbing between her fingers, and extending from her feet only added to the strange image.

"Umm ... like you're ready for a swim I guess." Carl shrugged as he checked the line which had finally stopped. "Looks like around one eighty. You ok that deep?"

"Yeah I should be fine. The re-breather will give me thirty minutes so I'll have to be quick but maybe there'll be stuff shallower so I don't have to dive deep."

"Yeah maybe, but this place looks pretty picked over. My dad used to say this was the richest place in the world before it was flooded. Said the scavs hit this place hard early on too, so I'm guessing you'll need to go deep to find anything. I'd head straight down and search on your way back up if you still haven't found much. The prime pickings will be at the bottom."

Kristin fitted the breather to her face completing the alien transformation. She nodded in reply and help up a thumbs up. Carl returned the gesture and Kristin flopped backwards into the water leaving her brother alone, bobbing on the surface of a graveyard to the old world.

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