Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Project #1 - Shadow of the Sea Lord

I've been thinking long and hard about how I would go about using Freeport and Shadow of the Demon Lord together. From relative trivialities like what would I call such a combo (Shadows of Freeport was a contender for a while) to more important things like what kinds of Ancestries to allow/disallow, what serpent folk should look like as player characters, and if there was a need to execute any rules modifications. In the end I decided to settle on Shadow of the Sea Lord as the title. This is crucial because it helps to set expectations. In the stock game we know that the Demon Lord is a key figure in the mythos of the setting, and with this title the Sea Lord should likewise assume some level of import to the story.

Lucky for me Green Ronin (the owner's of the Freeport IP) have already gone ahead and done the work for me. The original Freeport Trilogy of adventures featured the then Sea Lord Milton Drac executing a mad plan that would have changed the landscape of the setting if not for the actions of the PCs. Even after his defeat his legacy, his metaphorical shadow, leaves a stain on Freeport that still haunts the city. Shadow of the Sea Lord seems a very apt title in this case for a game that will focus on the tainted legacy of the deranged Milton Drac and the consequences to Freeport of those events.

In coming weeks I am going to detail my build up to what I think will be a game session I run at GenCon for some friends. This will include producing a series of pre-gen characters with backgrounds, notes on what changes to rules I intend to use, and more. The adventure notes themselves will probably wait until after GenCon unless I decide to run this sooner, but I foresee a busy year so I'm not promising anything I cannot deliver.

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