Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Frontiers

Happy New Year everybody!

2015 was a crazy year for me and the blog, and we had our ups and downs. In the coming year I am going to be looking at making some changes to the blog. Nuts & Bolts will stick around, though I will be focusing on specific rules and systems more often; especially those that pertain to the Cypher System and Shadow of the Demon Lord (since those are the games I am currently playing in and running respectively). I'll continue to do Story Seeds, though I am thinking they will drop down to once per week. I will continue to post at least 3x weekly (save for holiday and vacation time), and I am not yet sure what feature(s) will replace the second Story Seed each week.

Also, in case you have missed it I'll be doing a monthly on-air show with +James August Walls and +Ryan Chaddock where we will talk about the Cypher System. Our second episode of "Cypher Live" will be January 3rd at 9 p Eastern, and we'll be discussing the Numenera book Into the Night.

Here's hoping 2016 is a great year for you and yours as well as for myself and this blog! Happy gaming!

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