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Shadow of the Sea Lord - Pregen #1 - Alyse Swifthand

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Alyse Swifthand
Level: 3 / Magician / Elementalist (DLC)


For a halfling Alyse is skinny. It doesn't matter what she eats she just never manages to look anything more than ill fed at best. To say this sets her apart from other halflings is an understatement. Despite this her winning personality makes sure that others of her race find her attractive, and has won her the affections of many a suitor. None of those suitors has made more of an impression than a young human girl who fell madly in love with her. Alyse spurned that love, rejecting the girl out of hand.

Alyse is an atheist, having little faith in the seemingly fickle attentions of the gods and instead trusting to her own magic and skills. This has made her somewhat self centered though she endeavours to be fair (if not generous) when dealing with others. Only those she calls friends can piece the shroud of self interest that she wraps herself in. She'll attempt to do right by those who have earned her trust, but that only extends so far before she cuts them loose for slowing her down, or stymying her own ambitions.

Alyse came to Freeport because her elemental skills make her a valuable member of a ship's crew, and her time as a fisherman has taught her how to handle herself aboard ship. She considers herself part of no crew, and instead hires herself out to any vessel with the gold to retain her services.

Race: Halfling
Age: 24 yrs
Sex: Female

Strength: 8
  • Health: 14
  • Healing Rate: 3
Agility: 13
  • Defense: 13
Intellect: 10
  • Perception: 10
Willpower: 14
  • Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Size: 1/2
Speed: 8
Power: 2 (Rank 0: 3 per day, Rank 1: 2 per day, Rank 2: 1 per day)

Languages: Common, reads all she speaks
Backgrounds: Farmer, Fisherman, Folklore (academic),

Interesting Thing: Alyse has a stalker who follows her around, but always flees if she attempts to approach. Though she does not know it yet, her stalking is the game girl whose love she spurned years before.

Race & Class Abilities
  • Good Fortune Whenever a creature within short range rolls a 1 on any die, you can use a triggered action to discard the roll and let the creature roll the die again.
  • Uncommon Courage When you become frightened, you can use a triggered action to make a Will challenge roll. On a success, you remove the affliction.
  • Cantrip: Whenever you discover a tradition you learn an additional rank 0 spell from that tradition.
  • Spell Recovery: Use an action to heal equal to your recovery rate and regain on expended casting of a spell. Usable once per rest.
  • Elemental Attunement You can use an action to become attuned to air, earth, fire, or water. You remain attuned to the element until you use this talent again, you become unconscious, or you complete a rest. The benefits of this talent depend on which element you choose, see pg 11 of the Demon Lord's Companion.

Spell Knowledge
  • Sense Magic (rank 0, SotDL pg 55)
  • Air (Will)
    • Rank 0
      • Stir the Air (SotDL pg 115)
      • Wind Blast (SotDL pg 115)
  • Fire (Will)
    • Rank 0
      • Control Flame (SotDL pg 127)
      • Flame Missile (SotDL pg 128)
    • Rank 2
      • Firey Volley (SotDL pg 128)
  • Nature (Will)
    • Rank 0
      • Magic Acorns (SotDL pg 134)
      • Oak Hide (SotDL pg 134)
    • Rank 1
      • Healing Berries (SotDL pg 134)
  • Water (Will)
    • Rank 0
      • Freeze (SotDL pg 127)
      • Produce Water (SotDL pg 147)
    • Rank 1
      • Wellspring of Life (SotDL pg 148)
Wealth: Getting By
Equipment: 3 torches, dagger, sling w/20 stones, basic clothing, backpack, week of rations, waterskin, tinderbox, pouch w/ 2cp

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