Monday, March 7, 2016

Story Seed - Arrival

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"There!" Callun pointed through the glass at the broken landscape below. The skimmer was flying low and slow over the landscape as the occupants searched the terrain below.

"There what? I don't see anything."

"The text said the temple used to be the source of the of the river, and that the river used to run through two great spires."

"Yeah, and?" the Kile asked.

"And, during the Upheaval the land changed a lot but I think that and that could have been the spires before the upheaval."

"But the river is flowing the wrong way."

Callun shook his head, "Not if the land fell during the Upheaval, that could change the flow of the river."

"OK, well, the river flows into the Shattered Lands, so if the temple still exists that's as good a place as any for it to be hiding." Kile banked the airship into the jagged rocky teeth that jutted upward from the ruined plains like a forest of earthen trees.

Hours later Kile let out an excited cry, "Callun, look at that!" Below amid the broken and shattered remains of a once proud mountain was the great soaring vaulted walled of some ancient structure.

The skimmer drifted down, thrust and lift power at minimum. The orichalcum propulsion plates only barely pulsing with arcane power. The pilot guided the craft with a deft hand, fingers dancing through the spectral control fields that distributed power from the energy collectors. The craft settled to a soft landing, only the barest trace of power leaking into the lift plates, allowing the craft to balance on a pair of delicate spars.

The rear hatch pivoted open on a central axis and two figures emerged from within. The looked upward, beholding the full size of the great temple before them, its open doors gaping like a great maw.