Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 Projects Update

Hey folks. Just a quick update on my projects.

At the moment things for the blog are on hold while I work on my next article for the CypherCaster Magazine. It's going to be a discussion how to hack the Cypher System to make slightly more detailed ships for use with science fiction games *cough*Star Wars*cough*. If all goes well this will be done in early May and in the next issue of the magazine. I'll let you all know when that gets published.

Shadow of the Sea Lord is still in works but behind the curtain so that my players don't know what's coming before we meet and play at GenCon this year.

My next one shot Cypher System game is going to be an action crime story featuring demigods based on a mash-up of the Percy Jackson series and Die Hard with a Vengeance. Demigod with a Vengeance will probably be in late May or early June, and I will likely run it live on air again.

Beyond that I am still considering what I want to do for the back half of the year. Fridays will continue to be largely for the use of these projects, but you may see other random updates on some weeks.