Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nuts & Bolts #74 - Witch Hard

Last night I ran a game live on-air with a group of folks I have only limited and partial experience GMing for. You can watch the ensuing chaos here if you like. These are my rather meager notes for last night's game. Mostly its some character names with their cypher system "stats" and some other notes.

Dramatis Personae
  • The Heroes
    • Ellie, a Dishonorable Speaker who Negotiates Million Dollar Deals for Breakfast (Interprets the Law), played by +Darcy Ross 
    • Mark Kirkson, a Mystical Adept who Focuses Mind Over Matter, played by +Michael K 
    • Kai Yay, a Wierd Wizard (Adept) who Controls Beats, played by +Andrew Cady 
    • Nigel "Stinky" Fingerbottom, a Craven Adept who Rages, played y +D Shoe 
    • "Flash Bang", an Inquisitive Warrior who Fights with Panache, played by +Brie Sheldon 
    • Ophelia Storm, a Jovial Speaker who Never Says Die, played by +Bijaya Shrestha 
  • Allies
    • Argyle - level 2 house elf
    • Sir Albertus Powell, Sgt. at Arms - level 4 (as Mechanical Soldier)
    • Tagaki Yoshi - headmaster (no level provided because he's a plot device)
  • Antagonists
    • Hansel Gruber - level 5 witch
      • often uses "Severus Spoonus" spell "because it's dull, it'll hurt more"
    • Theodosius - level 5 occultist 
    • Karl der Wilde - level 4 werewolf
    • Karl's minions - all are level 2 Orcs initially, but come back as skeletons thereafter
      • Francus, Antony, Alexander, Marcus, Kristoff, Edvard, Uli, Heinrich, Fritz, Johan
  • school halloween party, PCs sneaked away from party to do ... something (ask a player) 
  • Gruber and his men attack party and round up students and staff
  • Theodosius is tasked with breaking into the headmaster's arcane vault (level 7)
    • vault contains Grabthar's Hammer
    • use "horror mode" as a timer to push play along?? (ed: see here)
I decided to give everybody 1 less than their capacity as part of an effort give me the freedom to dole some out in game and to create some degree of scarcity for a 1-shot. As it turns out I randomly rolled an arsenal ...

  • Ellie
    • a level 8 strength boost 
  • Flash Bang
    • Inferno wall (lvl 4)
  • Ophelia
    • Effort Enhancer (combat) (lvl 3)
  • Kai Yay
    • Detonation (singularity) (lvl 10) (good god have mercy!)
    • Ray emitter (mind disruption) (lvl 7)
  • Mark Kirkson
    • null field (lvl 5, acid)
    • adhesion (lvl 1)
  • Nigel "Stinky" Fingerbottom
    • Infiltrator (lvl 5)
    • Speed boost (lvl 3)

Other starting gear
Because I didn't want students at school laden down with weird stuff I decided that everybody got the following
  • Everybody gets a cell phone
  • Everybody gets a Wand (light weapon, short range, 2 pts from any pool you prefer to attack)
  • Everybody gets a school uniform
  • I'd deal with bonus equipment from Descriptors as needed.

And that's about it. I have some sketched maps that I could fall back on in need, and grabbed this one for the "main floor," but in my mind I really only knew that the classrooms were below the party, the dorms above, and at the top would be the headmaster's study and the vault. Beyond that I just knew I needed to push things along and keep the play moving fast and fun.