Monday, May 23, 2016

Story Seed - QPU1

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Jean flipped open the case, "Looks different than I would expected." The glow of Morrison radiation seemed faint in the brightly lit room. "OK, so let's hear it..."

Harv coughed, "Yes ma'am, I'll have Kennedy relay the story, I was out of it."

"Yes, right, a banishment cypher. Most unfortunate. Proceed Mr. Kennedy."

The younger of the two men nodded. "As you know ma'am the Estate and the Cabal have been aggressive in countering all of our Earth and Ruk based attempts to engineer a quantum processor. Thanks to Project August however we learned of a deep indigo Estate project. They called it Heisenburg One-Zero-One. An untethered recursion deep in the strange, well outside of the shoals."

"I'm well aware of the preliminary details," Jean interrupted. "Get to the point."

"Ah, yes, sorry. The team translated to our facility in Ruk and stole a voidship. Extensive use of cyphers and artifacts enabled us to accelerate our outbound velocity to reach H101 far faster than the Estate could have accounted for if they learned of our operational parameters."

Kennedy saw a look forming on Jean's face, "We infiltrated the recursion on the ninth day or the operation. The recursion had some truly unique laws, standard physics mixed with some kind of exotic form of mad science. Whatever it was they were doing exactly as we'd expected, and piecing together a working quantum processor."

He gestured to the object in the case. "We wasted their people and grabbed the processor. The recursion still stands but the Estate won't even hear back about our operation for at least four to eight more weeks until their next voidship can make the full route back. Unless they want to risk a translation."

Jean waited, and when nothing more seemed forthcoming she nodded. "So what we have here is a golden opportunity."