Monday, May 16, 2016

Story Seed - The Wait

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Jallu looked up through the great dome. The starry black field of space expanded outwards in all directions, broken only by the bright light of the sun and the far larger mottled orb of the planet below. The great engines smouldered on that world, leaving glowing blemishes on the night side of the world. The engines did the work of reclaiming and reformatting the environment. Jallu peered through the telescope and could see the great shimmering clouds of nano-swarms wending their way over the surface.

Th none knew for sure if this world had once been a garden like the Homeworld. With time and patience it would become one however. The comets and meteors had seeded the world with the materials the nano swarms and engines needed to built artificial gravity wells and a new atmosphere. Once it was ready for life the world would be seeded again, with bacteria and plants and insects. The world would flourish like a fertilized garden until it was ready for higher life. And in time the garden would be like a second Homeworld, and Jallu's people would claim it as their home.

Jallo wondered if he would live to see it. His father was the Overseer, and the position was his in turn. Estimates suggested that Jallu might well be alive, an ancient living his last years, and his grandson the Overseer, when at last the world was ready. Still, on nights like these he enjoyed looking up at the world to be.