Friday, June 3, 2016

Nuts & Bolts #81.5 - Hacking the Cypher System - Suggested Cyphernetics

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People seemed to really take to this week's Nuts & Bolts and in hindsight I kinda wished I had put the extra time in on Monday to pull a list of Artifacts that would make good "Cyphernetics" (thanks to whoever coined that one). Luckily I can pivot on a dime and give nine cents change, so here's that list, broken out by source. And if you missed it check out Cypher System Cybernetics.

Artifact "Cyphernetics" for Cypher System

The following is an attempt to generate a list of appropriate artifacts to use as implants or upgrades via cybernetics and/or bionics. The following list does not contain most artifact weapons unless they are specifically implant weapons. Weapons the GM deems or the right size can always be added to a character's cybernetic/bionic limb with their normal  depletion rolls, and are not themselves usually discrete implants.

  • Armored Flesh (pg. 300)
  • Bounding Boots (as part of cybernetic/bionic legs; pg. 302)
  • Brain Bud (pg. 301)
  • Filtration Straw (as a stomach implant, or esophagus replacement; pg. 304)
  • Imager (as an eye enhancement, depletion means your memory capacity is full; pg. 306)
  • Metabolism Bud (pg. 307)
  • Nightvision Goggles (as an eye enhancement; pg. 308)
  • Poison Brain Implant (kinda like a cortex bomb; pg. 309)
  • Psychic Helmet (brain/skull implant; pg. 309)
  • Recorder Headband (probably combination of eye and ear implants, depletion means your data limit is full; pg. 309)
  • Redlight Clip (dermal implant; pg 309)
  • Skill Bud (pg. 311)
  • Skull Blaster (head implant weapon, depletion requires minor surgery to load new ammo; pg. 311)
  • Tendril Graft (pg. 312)
  • Weapon Graft (pg. 313)
Sir Arthour's Guide to the Numenera
  • Aim True Goggles (as an eye enhancement, depletion requires a new filter; pg. 103)
  • Bone Garden (pg. 105)
  • Calridian Proboscis (pg. 105)
  • Chronometer (pg. 106)
  • Clawed Gauntlets (as part of a cybernetic/bionic hand; pg. 106)
  • Data Armor (cortex co-processor; pg. 109)
  • Detachable Eye (pg. 109)
  • Digestion Parasite (full digestive replacement; pg. 110)
  • Everyoung Choker (genetic graft stops aging; pg. 112)
  • Extraneous Arm (pg. 112)
  • Extraneous Leg (pg. 112)
  • Extreme Lenses (depletion requires recalibration; pg. 112)
  • Leap Boots (as part of cybernetic/bionic legs; pg 120)
  • Logic Spike (a particularly invasive brain implant; pg. 121)
  • Mechanical Arm (pg. 122)
  • Mechanical Leg (pg. 123)
  • Ocular Graft (pg. 126)
  • Periscopic Eye (pg. 126)
  • Pincer Arm (pg. 127)
  • Psycap (scalp implant, depletion means the array burned out and has to be replaced; pg. 128)
  • Replacement Hand (pg. 130)
  • Second Hand (pg. 131)
  • Tongue Snake (pg. 139)
The Strange
Note: all of these are the same as their namesakes from Numenera.

  • Metabolism Bud (pg. 210)
  • Skill Bud (pg. 211)
  • Tendril Graft (pg. 211)
  • Weapon Graft (pg. 211)

The Encyclopedia of Impossible Things

  • Artificial Blood (dispensing implant, depletion requires a refill; pg. 32)
  • Cybernetic Hand (pg. 36)
  • Graft - All Song Implant (treat as a wireless datajack/cyberjack; pg. 45)
  • Graft - Fast-Twitch Muscle (pg. 45)
  • Graft - Skill Specialization (pg. 45)
  • Graft - Skill Training (pg. 45)
  • Graft - Slow-Twitch Muscle (pg. 46)
  • Graft - Synthesis Gland (pg. 46)
  • Graft - Tentacle (pg. 46)
  • Metalodermis Graft (nanomachine dermal armor, depletion means the nanite swarm is exhausted; pg. 30)
  • Nanobot Pill (implanted nanobot cache; pg. 55) 
  • Retractable Claws (implanted weapon not made of bone; pg. 27)
  • Retractable Laser Claws (now with lasers; pg. 27)
  • Retractable Venomous Head Spikes (I have no words; pg. 28)
  • Tattoo Graft (very popular with the illicit operatives; pg. 69)

    That's 53 possible artifacts and I probably missed some that could have worked. What's interesting is that while The Encyclopedia of Impossible Things probably will get more milage in the hands of a CSR owner, the Numenera Technology Compendium (Sir Arthour's Guide to the Numenera) has more potential artifact cyphernetics. I guess it goes to say just how great these books are that they can serve such useful resources even outside of their "intended" setting.

    For those worried about how XP fueled re-rolls of Depletion rolls impacts artifact useage (as cyphernetics or otherwise) check back on Wednesday, I'm going to do a special Nuts & Bolts looking at that and at options for the GM to modify the way those rolls work in game.