Friday, June 10, 2016

Story Seed - Fear

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"What was that?" the boy asked, fumbling for the short tanto at his hip.

The long slow ring of Kai's sword clearing its sheath sounded out in response. "Please stay close young master, but if it comes to combat you must flee and hide." The boy's bodyguard was eight feet of hammered steel and mystic engine bound to an array of ancestor and kami spirits. An animated and armored warrior who could protect the prince without need of sleep, food, water, or reprieve.

The prince's tanto shook in his small hand as he pushed his broad hat up, fearful eyes darting about. The forest was quiescent once more. The sunlight filtering through the trees above dappled everything adding a layer of false depth to environment. Distantly a song bird trilled away, oblivious to the goings on of mortal and immortal.

Kai stood, sword raised up and perfectly still, ready to strike in any direction. The complex magically created consciousness was aware of nearly everything around in for five steps in any direction, and it sensed no threat. Kai was aware of the prince's fear though. At only five years old the boy was fleeing the capital, alone but for Kai. Though he maintained a brave face the protector knew the young one was afraid and alone; his parents dead at the hands of a traitorous aunt.

After a minute Kai resheathed his sword, "It was nothing young master, only an animal fleeing our presence. None know we are here, you are safe."