Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nuts & Bolts #86 - Why Mutant Crawl Classics?

On the odd chance that you are unaware of the current Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC) Kickstarter from Goodman Games it's a game based on their very successful Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) game mechanics but this time taking a OSR look at the post-apocalypse genre a la Gamma World. I happen to like DCC quite a bit thanks to my good friend +James Walls and I'm rather looking forward to MCC.  

But why am I backing?

Well that's complicated to answer. I love post-apocalypse as a genre, and while I have never once played Gamma World I have played another old pedigree post-apocalypse game rather extensively.

Oh yes, After the Bomb, Palladium Books' licence free spin off from their TMNT & Other Strangeness. Take a look at those five covers. Aside from the humans in power armor fighting mutant animals in the After the Bomb "core" book (really just a setting spin that used TMNT & Other Strangeness as its core rules) mutant animals are the core concept of the game. Guess what MCC has? MANIMALS! Yep, I'm getting MCC ...

I mean seriously, look at those covers, look at some of this art, mutant animals going all Mad Max? Check, Road Hogs does that (and yes, the Road Hogs were a motor gang of mutant pigs). Deep jungle survival struggles amid the ruins of pre-war tourism? Check out Mutants of the Yucatan (one of my all time fav covers. A long simmering cold war in the hot outback of Aussieland (Australia) where the bio-diversity of the continent has gone kinda bonkers? Mutants Down Under! Or perhaps you want a quasi-medieval, semi-fantasy take on Arthurian Legend using mutant animals riding around on giant snails (does +Darcy Ross know about this one?). Look no further than Mutants in Avalon!

I know there's going to be a lot more going on under the hood of Mutant Crawl Classics than just manimals and the ruins of the old world, but honestly I'm just looking forward to being able to haul out these old books to play in post-war America again.