Monday, September 19, 2016

Story Seed - Home

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"Come! This way!" Hedert led the way crossing through the golden passage. The was a sensation of both falling and leaping forth, and then the golden light faded giving way to a lush environment. A forest and plains, rising mountains and rocky obelisks, and in the distance the shattered architecture of a palace. As the others began to join him Hedert took a deep breath, feeling the air of this realm suffuse him with a feeling of might and health that he had never felt in the Afterworld.

"Is this? Are we?" came the tentative questions of the soft spoken woman behind him. Ariul clutched a short spear as though she had forgotten it was even in her hand. Her eyes were wide as saucers and a grin began to pull up the corners of her mouth.

"Elanehtar? Yes, I think so. Can you not feel the divine energy? If it is not then surely this is some other heaven, home of a pantheon long forgotten." Malbeth's deep voice spoke with its usual authority; if anybody was to be matter of fact when finding a heaven for the first time it would be he. He wove a hand over the staff he carried and studied the resulting glow, mumbling to himself and almost immediately becoming lost in some sort of magical divination.

"No, not the home of a lost and forgotten pantheon." Hedert pointed toward the ruins, "We will repair them and make this place ours. We are a family forged in divine labor and quenched in the blood of our sacrifice and this shall become our home, our realm." Behind him the others offered words of agreement and assent. They felt the words and intent bind them to their new realm, the same forces that had bound their fledgling pantheon together now bound them to their home.