Monday, October 3, 2016

Story Seed - Titanslayer

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Kellac cautiously edged forward. The cavern was dark as death. His foot edged forward and he winced as a rock rolled away from him clattering across the rocky floor before silence abruptly took it. And then a crash as it landed in the pitch black below. The sound echoed about in the dark like a thunderous roar.

Kellac caught a light out of the corner of his eye. He turned toward it slowly. The darkness began to recede slowly as a blood red skull began to glow. Kellac suspected that this was Marwolaeth, titan of destruction. Marwolaeth, slayer of Gods. Marwolaeth, the undying darkness.

Marwolaeth, the last Titan.

The skull glowed from within and below. Illuminated by hellish red light like the pits of hell, or the burning of bodies. The skull seemed so small. Kellac knew that without reference, without knowing how close it was it could be any size, but for a moment he considered that maybe Marwolaeth was so diminished in power that it was rendered down to the size of a man.

He was proven wrong as the glow intensified. Great man sized claws and a cavernous ribcage became obvious as the limned with sullen vermillion. The titan heaved itself upward now towering over Kellac as scarlet gasses and smoke poured from the craggy joints of its misshapen form.

Kellac drew his blade, and willed forth power into it. Verdant flames leapt from the blade and cast a glow about the cavern. Kellac saw just how close to the edge of the precipice he was as he raised a gauntleted hand in warding.

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