Monday, November 21, 2016

Story Seed - Repose

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That which is not dead may eternal lie ... 
H.P. Lovecraft

Fate is a tricky bitch.  
Tellendau the Lord of Mischief

Leppa walked among the stones. This place was as peaceful as it was mysterious. There were dozens of stones, perhaps more than a hundred, and each seemed to be inscribed with iconography. A stream meandered through the glade. It wound its way around the stones as though respecting them in its own way. At the center of the glade an arch reach skyward the sun beaming through the windows playing across the stones in patterns of light and dark.

Leppa stopped at one of the stones and squatted before it. The iconography was old and unfamiliar but still clear and precise. Leppa reached out to trace the icon with a finger. The stone felt warm to her touch and almost vibrated with some form of old power.

So long it has been, the voice came to Leppa mind like a whisper on the wind. Another generation of the doomed . How long has it been?

Leppa fell backwards, startled, and the voice went silent. "Doomed?" she asked aloud. When no reply came she tentatively reached out to the stone once more and laid her hand upon the icon.

There is an evil in the very roots of the world. All those who would be gods are fated to die by its hand. The voice was less faint now, but to Leppa it sounded old beyond measure and perhaps no longer what it once was. You are wise to come seek us. We escaped our fate, in a way, and we can show you how.

"The gods Fell because of something buried in the earth?" Leppa asked.

They and many before them. Only we few escaped fate's cruel hand. You too can escape Anhilation.

"I'm no god, what can I possibly do? Is there no way for this evil to be defeated?"

The stone was silent for a time. You have the potential for godhood, and with it a doomed fate. The cycle with always turn from light to dark, there is no other path.

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