Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Holiday Interlude #2 - Reindeer

Name: Reindeer

Level: 3 (TN 9)

Health: 12 • Armor: 0

Damage: 3

Movement: Long

Modifications: Defense as level 4 due to speed.

Combat: Reindeer attack with hooves by kicking, and with antlers by charging as a level 4 creature. One in nine reindeer has a glowing red nose that can fire a beam of energy at level 4 dealing 5 damage.

Interaction: Reindeer are smart but still animals and generally can only be interacted with as animals.

Use: Reindeer are found throughout the North and especially around the North Pole and Santa's workshop. Reindeer are always friendly to those who share the holiday cheer. A willing reindeer can easily carry even a large humanoid creature, and characters who befriend them are able to count them as staunch allies for transportation.

Notes: Reindeer don't fight to the death and will retreat at speed as soon as they are able.

Loot: Most reindeer don't drop any loot, but those reindeer with glowing noses may yield a cypher if slain.

GM Intrusion: The reindeer was part of a herd and 1d6 more come to its aid, either to help defend it or to lend aid to it or its allies in some other fashion.

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