Monday, December 5, 2016

Story Seed - Source

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"Well this doesn't look good," Kendak murmured as they approached the cave.

"Why do you sssay that?" Ssaa'm asked, the sleen's voice drawing the words long.

Kendak gestured violently to the cave entrance, "Maybe because it looks like a human skull!"

"Oh, I sssuppossse it doess," Ssaa'm grinned, "But at leassst it looksss nothing like a Sssleen."

"Thank you, your concern is touching."

The pair cautiously approached. Water was pouring from one eye and into the jutting jaw of the cave's skull-like opening before flowing outward. This was the source of the river Decaas it seemed, or at least it's point of emergence from the mountains. The river's waters had been making downstream villages sick and so Kendak and Ssaa'm had set out to find the source of the contaminant.

Ssaa'm dipped a rod into the river, the clear gem at its other end began to glow a sickly green. "Ssstill the water isss fouled."

"Great, I guess we have to keep going." Kendak stepped into the cool waters and sloshed up to the tooth maw of the cave. Stepping over the jutting lower teeth he summoned a sprite of starlight to light the way. "Into darkness we go."

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