Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nuts & Bolts #104 - RPG Blog Carnival - 1d20 Weird Omens

This month's carnival host +Phil Nicholls suggested I post a list of potential omens suitable for Numenera as a follow up to my post last week, which I thought was a really weird and interesting idea. Ergo, I set myself to 1d20 worth of Numenera omens!

The basic format here will be number, omen sign, omen meaning. If I need to deviate from this I'll make note of that somehow.

  1. A wild Seskii is following you. Danger from wild predators. 
    • Seskii are drawn to humans enough that they may even intervene if they have been treated well. 
  2. A Philethis sighting. A common omen, such as it is. Most people assume rightly that it means something important is about to happen; the tricky part is figuring out what thing is actually important. 
  3. Red lightning on the horizon. This is commonly held to indicate when the datasphere will go mysteriously silent for a day or three. 
  4. The green band of the moon being absent during the night of the midsummer full moon. A poor harvest season is coming.
  5. A child born with gills in the Beyond. If the child lives it means great fortune for them, if it dies it means flooding rains are coming.
  6. Purple light at dawn. You will encounter an ultraterrestrial that day.
  7. An intact dessicated amphibian in the road. The Iron Wind is coming.
  8. Oily black rain. Good fortune for craftspeople. 
  9. Biting ones tongue. You will find shins today.
  10. A dud cypher during a new moon. You will lose a limb soon. 
  11. Finding a shin in your meat. Disease or other illness within the next month.
  12. Seeing a cloud shaped like a creature. A warning from the datasphere to beware of said creature.
  13. One of your oddities cease to function. 
    • In Ghan this means stormy weather is coming
    • In the Beyond this indicates that you will learn something significant soon.
  14. One of your shins begins to blink. The datasphere has an answer for you, though you may not yet know the question.
  15. An all white Shanu crossing your path. Bad luck for the rest of the month (lunar cycle).
  16. A falling star (meteor) in blue. Fair weather.
  17. An all red bird in winter. Death.
  18. Your drink loses it bubbles/head/aroma quickly. You will meet a new freind soon.
  19. Breaking mirror by accident. You will discover a lie or secret soon.
  20. A sweet taste in your mouth after using the datasphere. The knowledge you gained will come to bad ends. 

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