Monday, July 24, 2017

Furry Road - The Face

Designer's Notes: Ahh, the Face. Face character's can be the ones who run an adventure in weird places, especially if played very cunningly. So an Impulsive face seemed a great way to balanced things by making this character a potential powder keg within the group. Wields Two Weapons at Once is really meant for melee weapons, so I decided to allow its Tier 2 ability Double Strike to use Speed pool when attacking with ranged weapons, but still require might for melee. I don't see an issue with dual wielding guns otherwise so this was a pretty easy fix. Ability wise rabbits don't really need much except a lot of speed which allowed me to focus on social abilities. 

Jessie the Rabbit is an Impulsive Speaker who Wields Two Weapons At Once

Tier 3 • Effort 3
Might 10 • Edge 0
Speed 14 • Edge 1
Intellect 20 • Edge 2

Cypher Limit: 2

Armor: 1 (light, leather jacket)


  • Inability
    • any task that involves patience, willpower, or discipline
  • Trained
    • initiative
    • Deceiving
    • Persuading
    • Running
    • Speed defense


  • Dual Light & Medium Wield
  • Double Strike (3 Might or Speed points)
  • Practiced With Light & Medium Weapons
  • Enthrall (1 Intellect point)
  • Fast Talk (1 Intellect point)
  • Spin Identity (2+ Intellect points)
  • Unexpected Betrayal
  • Impersonate (2 Intellect points)
  • Telling (2 Intellect points)
  • Blend In (4 Intellect points)
  • Grand Deception (3 Intellect points)


  • 2x 9mm Handguns (medium ranged weapon, short range)
  • 2x .38 Handguns (light ranged weapon, short range)
  • 2x knives (cheap, light melee weapon)

Equipment: Dark clothing, gear harness, flashlight, padlock w/keys.

Initial Link to the Adventure: You requested a team after you heard rumors about the Road Hogs allying with another faction.


  • You think Cornelius the Chimpanzee is too analytical and needs to be more willing to make quick decisions in the field. 
  • You once mistook Nausicaa the Bird for an enemy and nearly killed her with a grenade. You still regret the results of your impulsive actions that day.

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