Wednesday, August 1, 2018

MCC Mighty Deeds of Artifacts (Glowburn Episode 16)

For my 2nd episode of Glowburn as an official co-host I proposed a rules modification. For completeness sake I present it here for those who may want to review.

Might Deeds of Artifacts
  • Yes, that’s right, Mighty Deeds … of Artifacts! I think I’m actually going to test bed this in my monthly game, but the idea is that a Sentinel using an artifact already gets a bonus die, I’m not seeing any downside to allowing them to declare a Mighty Deed that uses that artifact (e.g. a ricochet shot with a gauzer pistol, or trying to melt a lock with a laser rifle). Just like in DCC a 3+ result on the Sentinel’s artifact die would declare success of the deed in some degree. 
  • It’s simple enough I think, and will help Sentinel’s shine so long as they are using artifacts (which also will incentivize them to use artifacts).
  • So the basics here are:
    • The deed must be related to an artifact weapon or armor used by the sentinel!
    • The Sentinel's Artifact die must come up a 3+ for the deed to happen!
    • The attack (or other action) must also succeed!
    • The Artifact die does not add to damage (unlike a Warrior's deed die) this is expected to be offset by the higher damage output of artifact weapons.
That's about that. I'm going to try this in my monthly campaign and we'll see how well it works. 

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