Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick Hit Story Seeds #2

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In the far north of Navarene, entire villages have gone silent, with no word from farmers or traders or local lords.  Rumors of a new weapon held by the Gaians have the lords on edge. Dispatched by the crown to investigate you find that there is a creature, something unknown previously, consuming all in it's path ...

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With the right cyphers, the right allies, and a lot of luck a dread destroyer can be stopped.  When it was discovered that three were converging on the city luck flew out the window on wings of fright.  Now the city's only hope, and your best chance to save the only home you've ever known, is to  do what none have ever done since before the city's founding: enter the Guardian and activate it ...

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While attending a ball in Iscobal you are surprised to see that all of the young women have added a small amount of armor to their attire.   Investigating further you find that the women in question are all unmarried and of eligible age.  When the decidedly not ritual combat began between two young women vying for one of the men at the party you begin to understand why Iscobalan men are so diffident to their wives.