Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Story Seed - Risk/Reward

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"The Temple of the Broken Moon?" the young man asked with incredulity in his voice.  "Never heard of it."

His drinking companion, really just his neighbor at the worn bar, shook his head, "Jus' because you ain't never heard of it don't mean it don't exist!"  His breath reeked of the rot that was clearly evident in the man's weathered countenance.

"Fine, fine, so what of it?" the younger man asked, wrinkling his nose at the gangrenous stench that managed to overpower the overall odor of the bar itself.

"Deep in Matheunis it stands, a crescent like the waxing moon.  Under the light of the newest moon it opens a gateway to a realm of madness and death!"

The young man rolled his eyes, "So? If that's the case I don't wanna know if it now do I?"

"Ah, but there's the rub.  Treasure beyond worlds be found for those who venture through that wild realm.  Other worlds entirely, worlds not like our own ..."