Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back Issues #8 - TurboSwine!

I think a lot of us build a character from concept through background and stats, and then when it comes time to put a face on the PC, we struggle to find something to match. I'm sure that not everybody does, but often it's how I do things. It was suggested to me that I write something about character art and the creative process. I'm going to go one step further and take a picture and build the PC after the fact. Brace yourselves for the coming of TurboSwine!

Issue #8: TurboSwine!

Author's note: I stumbled on this pic over at the Atomic Think Tank forums. The art was created and is owned by Darren M. A. Calvert (a.k.a. DMAC), you can find his website by clicking on the image.

TurboSwine is the product of an accidental RNA cross mutation resulting from a cancer vaccine trial, and a test program for an Army infantry flight pack. Naturally these two projects had nothing to do with each other except for both being carried out by the Helix Engine Technologies, a start up scientific research company.

Project C.R.A.B. (Cancer Retroviral Antibody Booster) was intended to help the human immune system combat cancer cells within the body. The vaccine would be tailor made for the subject after diagnosis. The Retrovirus would locate the altered cancerous cells and tag them with genetic markers which would allow the human immune system to more successfully target and eradicate them. During trials a primate test sample was accidentally administered to a swine test subject. The pig, cleverly named Wilbur, began to display an adverse reaction to the serum win the first 24 hours. The scientist in charge, as of yet unaware of the mix up, ordered continuous observation of the subject. None of the prior tests had produced this effect and he desired to study it in full. Over the next week Wilbur mutated as the primate DNA was patched into his own primary DNA (and not the cancerous cells as expected). After fourteen days Wilbur was standing on two legs, and learning to speak, his own swine intelligence combining with the boost the primate DNA gave him rendering his mutated brain equal to that of an average human.

The scientists were amazed, and, despite running many tests, treated Wilbur humanely; one of the junior scientists, Adam, even brought a TV and DVD player with him on overnight observation and the two would watch superhero cartoons and films.

It was one such night that the facility found itself under attack by the villain, Iteration Zero, who wanted the HelixEngine's prototype rocket pack for himself. The test lab was next door to what Wilbur now considered his "room," and during the commotion he and Adam went to investigate. Seeing that the security guards needed help against Iteration Zero's armory of stolen gadgets, Wilbur, inspired by the superheroic fare he and Adam watched, jumped into action. He found that his strength and layers of fat helped him to hold his own against the villain.

Seeing that the fight was lost Iteration Zero fled, but Wilbur refused to let the villain escape and quickly donned the experimental flight pack to follow the villain. Their battle, Wilbur with his rocket pack, and Iteration Zero with his stolen prototype motorcycle, took them halfway into the city before Wilbur succeeded in disabling and apprehending the villain. Seeing the success of his actions Wilbur, with Adam's help, escaped with plans for the flight pack (they returned the prototype). Together they built a new turbocharged rocket pack, and created an elaborate costume for Wilbur to wear. TurboSwine was born.


So there you have it, a character concept and background created from nothing but a picture I found scarcely an hour ago. It's silly, sure, but I took what I had to work with and did my best. Next time you are trolling the internets keep an eye out for images that might inspire you to create your next character.

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