Friday, November 14, 2014

Story Seed - Temple

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The view was breathtaking. Yeddun sucked in air, bone chillingly cold at this high altitude, and stared. After months of trekking up and down the great mountains of the Nammu range he had finally found the lost temple.  Some said that it no longer existed, others that it never had.  Yeddun smiled, knowing that he was right had been easy enough, being able to prove it would be harder.  Even now, having located the Temple of of the Maker, he would need to not only map its location in great detail and with great accuracy, but he would have to return here with others.

For the moment though he felt the satisfaction of proof.  He then realized that seeing the great structure a half mile away was one thing, and setting foot on its holy steps was entirely another thing. He wasn't there yet.

It took three more days to work his way down and then back up to finally stand at the foot of the temple.  His legs trembled with fatigue, his breath now came in ragged gasps. Yeddun pawed through his bag and removed a tiny bottle wrapped in dark leather. After so much time in the mountains he had truly thought this would not be needed, but here, now, this cypher would grant him the ability to reach the end of his quest.  The bitter liquid allowed him to breathe, and finally Yeddun began to climb the steps of the temple and entered it at last.

Inside he allowed his eyes to adjust to the dim light before finally relenting and setting a torch ablaze.  The interior was spartan, almost bare of decoration.  Even the walls were oddly bare of carving or mural.  At the far end of the room, upon a raised dais, stood a great table piled high and overflowing with tablets and scrolls, and a chair, long abandoned. Yeddun mounted the steps and leaned over one of the tablets, eager to read the Maker's own handwriting.

Instead he stood baffled.

The tablets contained only strings of ones and zeroes. Over and over in a seemingly random jumble.


Summary - A long lost temple.  The Maker's own writing's from the creation of the world. For one resident of Ardyen, seeing behind the curtain of creation is not as expected.

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