Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Story Seed - Thanks for Translating

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November 4th, 2013 - After Action Report, Recursion 27.32.XA.001

The above picture ... I cannot even believe that I drew it with my own hands, let alone That I have the memories of seeing it with my own eyes. I say they were my own eyes but who really knows with translations.

Regardless ... this morning we used the Oracle to map a new recursion. As usual the Oracle provided coordinates for translation but little else.  I took my team, Paul and Allison, and with some effort we translated. The world was ... odd. Surprisingly old and well established despite its limited size.  The forest seemed devoid of life at first, and the trees oddly formed. We were surprised to find that we had our Earthly countenance.

After fifteen minutes we were discussing our next steps and putting serious thought to returning home. From appearances we assumed this recursion was dying, the small forest simply being the last remnant of some older and more expansive world.  That is when we heard the sound.

It sounded like a bird, but now, here at home, I recall it sounding more like the "gobble gobble" noises my nieces and nephews make. Then again, given the creature's appearance, I suppose that is indeed what it is. I cannot pretend to understand how this came to be.

Jenkins' best guess is that this recursion was once some ancient place formed during humanity's dawn, and that as the culture that birthed it died out and faded into forgotten history, the recursion began to die off.  At some point, more recently perhaps, though who knows when the practice started or where, the creative spirit of children drawing birds, especially turkeys found this place and altered it.  Without any form of narrative this place became very nearly as two dimensional as the crayon drawings of the strange hand-like birds that influence it, and now inhabit it.

I am thankful that the creatures were docile. I do not want to think of what could have come from an encounter with them had they been hostile.  Jenkins ... the man wants us to send one back through an inapposite gate for study.  I am appealing to the council to close the recursion to visitors. I'll be grateful if I don't even have to see those things again.

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Summary - Sometimes fictional leakage need not come from a single source.  Common myths have been known to blend into singular recursions.  So what then happens to the leakage of so many imaginative minds creating a common cultural form of artwork with a singular theme and form?


As a note, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and so there will be no Throwback Thursday tomorrow, nor a new Story Seed on Friday this week.  Regular posts will resume on Monday. 

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