Monday, December 1, 2014

Story Seed - Divergent History

Summary/Intro - Something different today. I wrote this with another piece of art in mind and then came up with a better story for that and scrapped this.  That art became the "Monument" Story Seed from a couple weeks ago.

Ultimately I really like this little bit I wrote, it's a journal entry from early in Ardeyn's history.  Written by one of the first denizens to gain the spark, it's a glimpse of how a self aware creature may view the growth and change a recursion goes through over time.  In Ardeyn's case of course it grew rather rapidly and within a kind of time dilation bubble due to the circumstances of its creation.

At any rate, it's a short piece, but I hope you all enjoy it and it get's your mind going as to how the spark might lead cultures and people in a recursion to deviate from the creator's original whims and intent.


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I have walked to the edge of the world. I have looked over the drop where the badlands end, where the chaos beyond the world can be seen, during the day it becomes harder, the sun washing it from the sky at times, but it is there, beyond our sun, our moons, our stars.  A realm that we do not yet understand.

In the badlands, things fall from this other realm like rain at times.  Creatures from beyond invade our world, seeking their own ends, or to serve the Betrayer, or even the Sinner. Treasures too fall from the sky.  Potent magicks that defy understanding and are consumed in a single use. These treasures are a mystery and yet they drive a burgeoning economy of treasure seekers for the crown and for its enemies.

But stranger still is that the world is subtly, quietly, growing. I have observed this well, though days, weeks, months, and even years of careful study and record keeping.  The land itself gains an inch here, a hand's breadth there; sometimes in as little as a few hours. The rate is inconsistent, or follows a pattern I cannot fully see to study.  All I can determine is that our world is growing, like some kind of living thing. I can only pray that it is the Sinner's prison that grows and not the Sinner himself.

Stranger still was the monument.  To the far south, in the borderlands of Kryzoreth, I found a monument that had not been there during my visit ten years prior.  It was worn and weathered and clearly originated from the Age of Myth, but my maps and notes were thorough and clear; I had not seen it before.  The monument and the ground it stood on had not existed prior. The villagers nearby spoke of it as though it had stood for years beyond memory.  I do not understand what this means, but I wonder if the Maker's influence still touches our world.

 - Excerpt from the blasphemous writings of Kurn'al the Learned, circa 297 AB

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