Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Story Seed - Rogue Planet

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The truth is that Ruk, while certainly novel, is not unique. Ruk is but one such world. Other races, other peoples have found the strange and then found too late that they had also found their doom. Among those other races a scant few have been able to seed a recursion and grow it to a size and capability to detach from their prime world and escape.

According to some on Ruk, there is one such world deep in the strange, beyond Earth's shoals. A lonesome sphere that is adrift in the ebbs and whorls of the Malachite Expanse. They say that it is without power or propulsion, though none can say for none have found means to enter. According to these rumors and legends its surface is encrusted with crystallized fundament, and pockmarked with the ruins of long destroyed recursions.

Those that speak of it claim that it is a treasure hunter's paradise where cyphers are plenty and strange artifacts are almost commonplace. Yet, when pressed, no captain of a chaos skiff will admit to knowing its location, and none will hire on for an expedition to find it. With effort, and offers of substances both legal and illicit, one might soon learn that none who have sought this rogue planet have returned.

Some believe that it is mere myth and those who search for it are doomed to the madness of alienation and death. Others say that it is folly to believe that such a world, if it did exist, would remain unclaimed and uninhabited. They say that those who find it are not able to leave because those who have claimed that recursion refuse to allow the truth of it to spread.

And then there are the darker rumors. Rumors that deep in that emerald cloud there is something neither craft nor recursion nor planetovore. Something older and more powerful than any of those. And  that something does not wish to be found.

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