Monday, March 9, 2015

Story Seed - The Tree

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Field Report
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Submitted by: Agent Christine Olafsson

Submitted to: Dr. Alistair Jenkins, Special Agent in Charge - Recursion Studies

Subject: Recursion 2343BX5, a.k.a. Yggdrasil

Date: Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Contrary to the mythology Yggdrasil itself is not a particularly large tree. It is most certainly an archaic sub-species of ash, and so determination of its stature within that particular sub-species is impossible until such time as we encounter other specimens.

The tree itself resides in a forested recursion with an approximate median diameter of one kilometer. The tree resides in the center and is clearly the focus of the recursion itself, as all other trees are indistinct, having muted colors for their species. Further these trees, when looked at, are non-descript and difficult to focus on, as though they are literally the window dressing or background for the yggdrasil tree itself. 

I entered the recursion at the foot of the tree on a small isle surrounded by a rather shallow pond. Oddly despite the presence of a natural body of water there was a passage within the tree's roots that lead to an underground cave that was almost entirely dry. In this cavern I noted seven significant roots, each terminating with a large globe-like burl. Upon touching these burls it became clear that each was a sustained translation gate to another recursion. Without backup I decided to forego further exploration of these recursions.  

Returning to the surface I noticed that the tree's branches were heavily interwoven, but that a path lying near to the main trunk allowed for access to the tree's upper branches. Once more I investigated and determined that the entire upper portion of the tree was also a kind of sustained translation gate. I have no doubt that had I translated I would have found myself in the mythological Asgard. 

Dr. Jenkins it would seem as though the Yggdrasil recursion, and the tree for which we have named it, is indeed a focal point between earth and eight other worlds. The natural translation gates formed by the tree's structure (for indeed I did determine that the isle itself was such a gate for access to earth) provide access to each of the legendary realms of Norse mythology. 

I recommend that exploratory teams be sent first to the recursion which is likely Asgard before exploring the lesser realms as there is likely much to be learned from the inhabitants there whom we can expect, based on the mythology, to be amenable to humankind. 

End of Report

***All content is confidential and for Estate use only.***

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