Monday, June 29, 2015

Story Seed - Infiltration

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The small shuttle wove between the great towering structures like a needle wending its way through the separate threads of a piece of cloth. The atmosphere behind it swirled, a threadline trail forming in the ship's wake as the engine's ionized trace particles in the air. The facility was truly massive, covering nearly a hundred square kilometers, and from a distance it could be easily confused for a great metropolis.

The towering structures were not businesses or housing however, instead they scrubbed the air, some removed undesirable compounds, others isolating particulate, while still others processed and converted materials drawn from both air and land. Massive tanks, like great squat hills hid among the towers, acting as collection vessels for materials that required sequestration or storage.

Into that great tangle of steel the ship penetrated ever deeper, zigging and zagging as it cut through the tangle toward the heart of the installation.  Infiltration transport Corb finally located its goal, one of the command and control towers. The vessel dropped quickly to the landing deck, thrusters shaking the craft heavily as they compensated for the pilot's actions. With a final shuddering lurch the Corb landed.

Onboard, comms officer Tashida adjusted the tight beam laser transmitter's orientation and blasted off a quick message to the Balor awaiting in high orbit. A lance of ultraviolet returned with a mission go ahead. The shuttle's loading ramp deployed and a team of five clad in form fitting shadow-weave, and carrying compact weaponry quickly disembarked. A short time later a low power transmission returned to the craft, "Fomor 1 reporting. Infiltration of Q38MM Installation 7 successfull. Fomor 4 is slicing into the main datacore. Primary memory access in ... T minus eight point five minutes."

Ten minutes later the Balor received a new tight-beam transmission from the Corb. "Fomor 6 requesting backup. We need a tech tech and a Type Six Datacore. Whatever C.E.M. is hiding down here it's way bigger than we expected."

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