Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Introducing Tuesday Tools

I'm starting a new Irregular or Semi-regular feature today called Tuesday Tools.

When I run games I tend to make use of forms and other tools to make my job easier. Even as a player there are things I like to use. Character sheets, NPC references, maps, random name generators, even dice are all tools for GMs and players. This feature will have me sharing tools I have made like forms & sheets, or sharing those I have found value in online. I expect this will be a twice monthly column on average but there may be times when they come almost every week, and others when there are several weeks between posts.

I hope you find this series useful, and if you have any awesome tools you want to share with me and/or have me share on the blog please feel free to contact me at inspstrikes @ gmail dot com.

The first tool will be following this post shortly, at my usual scheduled posting time of 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

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