Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nuts & Bolts - Some Assembly Required

So ... normally I'd have an awesome topic here ... or at least something think is awesome. Due to a number of factors however I don't have anything finished and ready to post today. Which stinks because I try to be on the ball with this blog as much as possible.

So while I don't have a new column today I do have some potential topics, and I'd like to put out an open call for topic ideas as well. If you really want to see one of these sooner rather than later please let me know in the comments. If you have an idea I haven't covered, or maybe need to revisit please let me know ... in the comments.

Some topics in my bullpen:

  • A discussion of Fronts from Dungeon World
  • A discussion on the idea of granularity in task resolution
  • A discussion on the "fail forward" idea 
  • A column detailing Icons (from 13th Age) for use with Shadow of the Demon Lord's core setting.
  • A column about Extras and how and when to use them in games
  • A column about morality mechanics in games (this one is probably a ways off)
  • A column about eclipses in games (not sure if this will be general or specific to a setting)
  • Some more discussion on time travel
If one or more of those sounds awesome please let me know, and if you have a cool idea I should discuss please let me know. I try to keep things generally generic for all settings and systems, but on occasion I will dive into stuff for games & game systems I play like Cypher System, Shadow of the Demon Lord, and Fantasy AGE/Dragon AGE.

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