Monday, September 28, 2015

On Account of the Moon

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No story seed today due to jet lag on my part. I might try and make it up for tomorrow though. I did want to talk about the supermoon eclipse last night though. I hope a lot of you folks saw it, as it really was something impressive to see, and won't be around again until 2033.  For me it was my first lunar eclipse, due to timing, location, and weather I'd never had the pleasure of seeing one prior to this.

As I watched, over the course of about an hour, the moon was clouded over with darkness, like a waning moon at high speed.  But then it re-emerged from darkness cast in a reddish color as the bright crescent continued to shrink until finally the whole moon was rust red. Some call this a blood moon.

As I said before this was my first time seeing a lunar eclipse, and it didn't disappoint. Being a supermoon it was already bigger and brighter, and so in its eclipsed state it was still some degree bigger than normal. I couldn't help but think of how this would have been viewed by ancient peoples, or by the denizens of your average fantasy trop RPG world. I'll probably mull this around and maybe do something with this later, but I figured I would make note of it here, and ask people who saw it what they thought.

So, what did you think as you watched the eclipse (present or past)? How do you think such an event would be viewed by less advanced societies?

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