Friday, November 13, 2015

Story Seed - Bound Souls

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"Dwagon!" the child cried out, pointing into the distance with a pudgy hand.

"Yes, dear, it's a dragon. That's the great white dragon Denrakhin, and he protects all of this land." The boy's mother bounced him on her hip as the dragon's cry rushed over the grasses and blew their hair about.

"Wanna see dwagon!" the boy said happily. No fear evident in his voice. His hand opened and closed, grasping for the far off creature.

"I know honey, but he's very far away, and ..." his mother's voice trailed off mid-sentence. Denrakhin had turned its great head and was looking in their direction. The creature was miles off, and there seemed no way he could have heard them.

"Come here dwagon!" the boy cried out, delighted. Denrakhin bowed its head and then took to the skies and began to close the distance between them. "Hi dwagon!" the boy happily piped as the gargantuan beast landed before them, dwarfing the pair utterly.

The woman looked up at the creature, truly learning its scale for the first time in her life. Denrakhin's head was easily dwarfed their home, and even managed to make some of the nearby farms look small. It was massive on a scale that made the woman understand how a mouse must feel compared to a person. Though she knew that Denrakhin was a protector of their land the woman felt the creeping of fear.

Denrakhin lowered his great head almost to the ground, canted at an angle, peering at the pair with a great eye as wide as the boy was tall. "Hi, dwagon!" the boy cried again happily and struggled to reach out and touch the creature.

"Be not afraid lady, no harm will come to your boy," the dragon said. "I have been waiting for one such as he to be born for many years."

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