Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Interlude 2015 #2 - The Ginger-Mech Man

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There's a surplus of gingerbread themed Christmas artwork so as much as I'd like to do a peppermint golem, or a yule treent, I have to go where the art is.

Name: Ginger-Mech Man

Level: Soft: 3 (TN 9), Stale 5 (TN 15)

Health: 12 (soft) or 15 (stale) • Armor: 0 (soft) or 2 (stale)

Damage: 3 (soft) or 6 (stale)

Movement: Short

Modifications: The Ginger-Mech Man is vulnerable to liquid based attacks and takes double damage. In addition if dealt more than half their health in damage from liquid attacks reduce their level by 1 as they begin to get mushy.

Combat: The Ginger-Mech Man can attack unarmed for its normal damage or fire its Gumdrop Cannon. The Gumdrop Cannon can fire up to long range and deals 4 damage. Targets hit by a gumdrop must make a level 4 might check or become immobilized until they can break free (also a level 4 might check).

Interaction:  Ginger-Mech Men generally follow orders, but they may be willing to accept bribes of white icing.

Use: Ginger-Mech men help to guard Santa's village, but they can also be created by Krampus as part of his Bah-Humbug Brigade.

Notes: Don't insult a Ginger-Mech Man. Just don't.

Loot: Ginger-Mechs contain 1d4-2 sugar based cyphers.

GM Intrusion: A Ginger-Mech attacked by fire in the prior round becomes Stale and increases its combat prowess accordingly.

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