Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Interlude 2015 #3 - Krampus

Image Source: http://madame-hobnob.deviantart.com/art/Krampus-337146000


Level: 8 (TN 24)

Health: 48 • Armor: 1

Damage: 8

Movement: Short

Modifications: None

Combat: Krampus attacks with claws dealing 8 damage with a successful attack. He can also grab a naughty opponent and stuff them into his bag. This is a level 8 Speed defense task to avoid the initial grab, or a level 8 Might task to escape from the bag. Occasionally Krampus will also toss lumps of coal up to short range for 6 damage on a successful hit.

Interaction: Krampus is little interested in negotiation, but may be willing to hear the naughty or nice out if there is the chance of gaining some upper hand over Santa.

Use: Krampus wages a strange sort of war with Santa every year. Santa wants all the children of the world to be good and get presents while Krampus wants them all to be naughty so he can take them to feast on. The pair fight for control of the holiday season because if one ever gains the upper hand they will be able to influence the world.

Notes: Krampus is often accompanied by Ginger-Mech Men, or Gingerbread Ninjas, and usually has a minimum of 1d4+1 naughty children in his sack to later feast on.

Loot: Krampus carries coal that he gifts to those not naughty enough to harvest for his feast. Among these lumps are often 1d6 potential cyphers that only need to be uncovered.

GM Intrusion: Krampus summons 1d6 Gingerbread Ninjas or 1d4 Ginger-Mech Men to assist him.

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