Friday, December 11, 2015

Story Seed - The Heart of Darkness

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<<water damaged and unreadable entry>>

Day 37: At last! We have found the lost city of Z! It is a breathtaking find. The rainforest has done its utmost to swallow whole the remains of this city, but the architecture still remains hinting at past grandeur. The journey here cost use six good men, but those remaining with us now feel the journey was not a waste of effort and lives. Tomorrow we will enter the city proper and search for the fabled riches of this lost people.

<<water damaged and unreadable entry>>

Day 39: The drums, the drums! They have beaten incessantly for two days! They inspire madness and mutiny. The men have turned on each other and us. Four have fled and three have been slain during infighting. I swear that in the night I could see fires in the city, but when we investigated this morning we found no sign. This place is taunting us withholding treasure and inspiring insanity. I am sure we are close to the find that will make out names! Tomorrow! Tomorrow we will find it ... if only the drums would stop.

<<water damaged and unreadable entry>>

Day 43: They're after me. The workers have all died or fled. Even Percy, every loyal friend and companion, has vanished. I know not if has abandoned me to the natives (to the drums!) or has been taken or killed. I am alone and terrified. The drums are constant now, beating at all hours of the day. Following me! Even feeling into the rainforest has not appeased their unknown whims.

Day 44: If anybody finds this do not seek out the lost city! DO NOT! I am most certainly dead. Or worse. I think I have seen Percy and some of the others pursuing me with the drums. I fear now for my fate. This will be my last entry. I intend to wrap this journal in the oilcloth of my tent and cast it into the Amazon itself with the hope that it will be found. I know my life is forfeit, and I hope only to dissuade other potential victims...

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