Monday, December 7, 2015

Story Seed - Raiders

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The helicopter cleared the ridges with less than a dozen meters to spare between the standing struts and the treetops below. Mac peered out the side and watched as the ground dropped away in huge steps. Far below a silvery snake of water rushed through  graven gorges wending its way through the stony mountains. Looking up and ahead Mac saw a great plateau rising up from the opposite side of the river. The walls were steep and clean until its sharp rise suddenly broke and allowed stunted trees and shrubs to cling to the rocky terrain.

Mac whistled appreciatively at the sight of the ruined temple complex. The foremost building was a complete loss; the walls were caved in and the roof had collapsed leaving little in the way of structure. Thankfully the main temple was still intact. It was a glorious site after all these years searching for it.

The pilot slowed their movement, bringing the aircraft to a near hover as he peered down for a landing space. "Nowhere to land sir," the pilot's voice confirmed Mac's fears.

Mac scowled and then made up his mind, he'd waited too long for this and there were too many rivals who sought the idol. "Just get me close, I'll drop down on a line."

The pilot looked at Mac and seemed about to object, instead he shrugged and brought the craft in low over the ruins while Mac got ready. "Give me two days and come back at noon on," he thought for a moment, "Thursday. Got that? Make sure you bring somebody who can help pull me up." The pilot nodded and Mac dropped from the aircraft.

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