Friday, February 5, 2016

Shadow of the Sea Lord - Pregen #3 - Zags Gash

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Zags Gash
Level: 3 / Warrior / Berserker


Zags is still young for an orc, but he is already as large as an orc with another five years. Zags was brought to Freeport as a young child to serve as a slave doing hard labor unloading merchant ships. Extraordinarily strong, he managed to break free during the great hurricane six years ago and escape into the jungles of A'val. Zags managed to eke out a living for nearly a year before the Great Green Fire swept over the island. Zags was caught in the fire and badly burned over half of his body. Somehow he managed to claw his way to safety where he was found by the people of Freeport. Thanks in part to the aid of temple healers Zags recovered from his grievous wounds, though to this day his body is covered in scar tissue and deformations caused by the magical fire. Worse, the pain of these wounds drove the nearly feral orc partially insane. As a result Zags is now prone to berserker rages, and even at the best of times has a sullen and bloodthirsty demeanor.

It's been five years since the fire ravaged A'val, and since recovering from his wounds Zags has worked as a guide in the fair scarred inland of A'val, and occasionally hires his muscle out as a mercenary, though many companies find his bloodthirst too much of a liability. In the meantime Zags continues to look for a purpose to his life beyond simple subsistence.

Race: Orc
Age: 14 yrs
Sex: Male

Strength: 14
  • Health: 30
  • Healing Rate: 7
Agility: 12
  • Defense: 12 (13)
Intellect: 8
  • Perception: 9
Willpower: 9
  • Insanity: 0
Corruption: 1
Size: 1 (average build)
Appearance: You are monstrous, with thick, brutish features, weird growths sprouting from your skin, and nasty scars that cut jagged lines across your thick hide.
Speed: 12
Power: 0

Languages: Common, Dark Speech
Backgrounds: Slave, wilderness guide, barbarian

Interesting Thing: A recurring and disturbing dream.

Race & Class Abilities
  • Shadowsight You see in areas obscured by shadows as if those areas were lit.
  • Catch Your Breath Use an action or a triggered action on your turn to heal damage equal to your healing rate. Useable once per complete rest.
  • Weapon Training You make attack rolls with weapons with 1 boon.
  • Combat Prowess Your attacks with weapons deal +1d6 damage.
  • Forceful Strike When your attack roll (including bonuses) is 20+ and exceeds the target number by 5+, the attack deals 1d6 extra damage.
  • Berserk When you take damage and you are not fatigued, you can choose to go berserk. See page 63 of Shadow of the Demon Lord for details.
  • Fury Unleashed When you go mad, you go berserk even if you are fatigued. See page 63 of Shadow of the Demon Lord for details.
  • Iron Hide You have a +1 bonus to Defense while wearing no armor or light armor.
Wealth: Getting By
Equipment: 3 torches, dagger, club, basic clothing, backpack, week of rations, waterskin, tinderbox, pouch w/ 4cp,